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Learn TEAMCITY from best Institutes in Jammu. TeamCity Training teaches all that is required how to set up a build server for CI and create build scripts using MSBuild to manage the overall build process. It is a powerful continuous integration that can be excelled out of the box. Our course curriculum is designed with a view to enable trainees with the sufficient knowledge on the fundamentals of TeamCity. In the beginning, learn about Installing and running TeamCity. In further sections, have a brief overview of how TeamCity is managed for Java projects, .NET projects, Ruby projects and other methodologies. In the final module, learn to make master to make TeamCity production ready. TeamCity is a Java-based CI server package. TeamCity is a Server-based application that’s very simple and easy to get familiar with and has an absolutely amazing browser-hosted dashboard. TeamCity also provides build progress, drill down detail, and history information on the projects and configurations.

Some advantages of Teamcity are it has developer oriented features, there is no need of additional plug-ins, there are 100+ features, it lets you grow smoothly and it has best continuous integration and deployment platform. Continuous Integration (CI) is a software development practice, where every developer or every member of the developing team is supposed or we would rather say obliged to integrate and test their work on daily basis and not waiting for a month to finally integrate and go through the manual testing process. TeamCity is a very popular, mature and feature-rich tool-set for CI which enables us to build very sophisticated automated build pipelines very quickly.

It has various features like Plugins and Version control, User interface, Agent support, Users and roles, and API . The Plugins and Version control feature
It used as tool that runs the builds and can optionally push to a repository. The User interface feature is a simple hierarchial interface and it is simple and intuitive UI. The Agent support feature is a simple Windows service. The Users and roles are well designated roles and any role can be assigned to a user. The API in Teamcity exposes REST services that can be used by the existing tools to integrate with the build management.
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