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Learn SAP BW ON HANA from best Institutes in Jammu. SAP Business Warehouse(SAP BW) powered by SAP HANA refers to using BW software suite on top of HANA database. BW has database specific optimizations for other databases. Activities like the activation step for DataStore Objects(DSOs) and certain types of transformations are functionally the same on HANA as on other databases. But the actual processing has been moved into HANA rather than happening on the BW application server as it does with other databases. This cuts down on data movement, making it possible to execute these activities much faster with BW on HANA.

BW on HANA supports various exceptional databases and reporting capabilities that are not possible using other databases - like transformations and DSOs are moved to HANA database to provide much faster processing of data, data load performance, query processing and optimization, exceptional HANA modeling capabilities, etc. BW supports many databases, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 and now HANA. Using BW on HANA means that no other database is required. Because SAP HANA is much faster than regular relational databases like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, the data warehouse performs much faster. The purpose of SAP BW on HANA is to combine the power of both.

Other features are available only with BW on HANA. For example, the Open ODS View concept is a way to overlay such BW semantics as security and the BW analytic engine on data that is stored in tables outside of the BW system. However, Open ODS Views are enabled in BW only if it is running on top of the HANA platform, and is not available on other database platforms. SAP BW on HANA helps to speed up data analysis by consuming data via a Data Warehouse for analytical reporting and data analysis. This enables to achieve key opportunities like real-time data integration and data modeling, and hence real-time BI reporting on large amount of data in the database.. The below are list of institutes offeres best sap bw on hana training in Jammu. You will find training centers which offers sap bw on hana training with placement in Jammu. Leave your details to get the sap bw on hana course fee details from top 10 sap bw on hana training institutes in Jammu.
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