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Learn NLP course from best training institutes in Jammu. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the basis for Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy (NLPt) which was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. The core belief of this theory is that people do not react to their environment as it is, but rather they build their perception from their experiences as they relate to the world around them. Each person develops his or her own map of his or her world, and by doing such, no one ever possesses a map that fully represents the true environment. Because each person experiences different life events, and subsequently different reactions to those events, no two people will ever be guided on the same journey.

NLP also examines areas of success and uses these as a springboard for developing other successful emotions and determines the most efficient way to use these experiences and emotions in every day situations. This technique of “modeling” allows for rapid transformation. Each person is created with an internal computer, the mind. Information is absorbed by the mind through our senses and is processed through different mechanisms. Peoples expressions of emotions, behaviors, and responses are the direct result of their internal processing. These actions and responses are then absorbed by their minds, reprocessed and expressed, repeatedly. The processing mechanism is subjective to ones own unique experiences and external life events. NLP can be referred to as the operating manual for peoples minds that can guide us through the necessary steps to reprogram our processing mechanisms when they produce unwanted expressions.

NLP teaches that language and behaviors (whether functional or dysfunctional) are highly structured, and that this structure can be modeled or copied into a reproducible form. NLP can be understood in terms of three broad components and the central concepts pertaining to those:
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