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Learn Nano Bio Technology course from best training institutes in Jammu. Bionanotechnology and nanobiotechnology are terms that refer to the intersection of nanotechnology and biology. These two terms are often used interchangeably. When a distinction is required, it is based on whether the focus is on applying biological ideas or on studying biology with nanotechnology. Bionanotechnology generally refers to the study of how the goals of nanotechnology can be guided by studying how biological machines work. Nanobiotechnology refers to the ways that nanotechnology is used to create devices to study about biological systems.

Examples of Nanobiotechnology include many new medical technologies involving nano particles as delivery systems or as sensors since they involve using nanotechnology to advance the goals of biology. Nanobiotechnology takes most of its fundamentals from nanotechnology. Most of the devices designed for nanobiotechnological use are directly based on other existing nanotechnologies. Nanobiotechnology is often used to describe the overlapping multidisciplinary activities associated with biosensors, particularly where photonics, chemistry, biology, biophysics, nanomedicine, and engineering converge. Other examples include Measurement in biology using waveguide techniques, such as dual polarisation interferometry.

Nanobiotechnology is relatively new to medical, consumer, and corporate bodies. One example of current nanobiotechnological research involves nanospheres coated with fluorescent polymers. Researchers are seeking to design polymers whose fluorescence is quenched when they encounter specific molecules. Different polymers would detect different metabolites. The polymer-coated spheres could become part of new biological assays, and the technology might someday lead to particles which could be introduced into the human body to track down metabolites associated with tumors and other health problems. When considered from a different perspective, another example would be evaluation and therapy at the nanoscopic level that is the treatment of Nanobacteria which is 25-200 nm in size is done by NanoBiotech Pharma.
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