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Learn Liferay from best Institutes in Jammu. Liferay Inc. also known as Liferay Digital Experience Platform is the worlds leading enterprise that provides open source portal framework called Liferay portal which makes it easy for developers to extend or customize it for their organization or department based on their requirements. It is big platform for engaging prospects and new customers. It connects your customer, employees and partners all in one place. Themes are very powerful so that we can change lot of UI stuff and most impressive for user to see.By hooks we can change lot of default behaviour.Multi site web application with administrator delegated is awesome one in Liferay.

this is a JSR-286, JSR-168(java portlet specification) and enterprise portal which includes a suite of applications such as content management system, blogs, instant messaging, message boards, etc. It is easy to get into it since you just download a zip file, unpack it and start the server. It provides organization of pages called nodes which are in groups. It is distributed in two different editions:

Liferay Portal Community Edition — A version with the latest features and support through the active community.
Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition — A commercial offering that includes services including updates and full support.

Liferay comes with certain portlets preinstalled.[26] These comprise the core functionality of the portal system. They include:Alerts and Announcements, Alfresco, Documentum,
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